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Ariana Jones 
From Atlanta, Georgia this young writer is strong minded and even in her young age is full of wisdom. She doesn't mix words and isn't afraid to speak her mind, to let you know how or what she feels. It has been a pleasure to come to know Ariana, and even at times when I continuously keep coming at her. She's strong enough to stay in the game and fire back. So as much as I did enjoy reading the "Love Dealership" I hope you all enjoy it just as well. 

Yvette Hallman
Hailing from Long Island, New York, Yvette is a unique character. There will be times where you love her and others where you just want her to back up. But even with that she can still draw the attention of a crowd. In doing so she can be witty with words and play on metaphors. Knowing Yvette has been a roller-coaster experience, but we still remain cool. Upon first hearing "Let's Not Talk About Sex," I was interested. So I hope that you too enjoy it.

From New York City, she needs no introduction. This lovely lady never has a problem speaking her mind. Me and her are both alike in more ways than one. When I first heard her short story "Dirty Panties," I was immediately hooked. She is still a beginner at writing, but with this story you wouldn't think it. Oh I should also mention she does have a naughty alter ego named "Mila." So lets welcome them both.

Jem Hughes 
From the Bronx, New York, this edgy sophisticated young woman, is never really short for words. She is new to the blog thing, but with this piece  it was an instant I gotta have it. I enjoyed it, she enjoyed writing it, you will enjoy reading."Crushing On You" is a poem we all think, and sometimes accidentally say. 

Anonymous II
A young lady with a drive and ambition, that may appear quiet bt is very present. Hailing from New York City, you would think immediately she is outgoing and lively, which at times she is. But when it comes to the inner workings of life, love, and the challenges we all go through. She is a bit more reserved, but thinking heavily, and putting an idea together. So there wasn't a question about the impact "I Should've Waited," would have once you read it.

Shannon Alomar
A Renaissance Renegade, From the Bronx, New York is going against the grain, while staying in hers, all while plowing a totally new path for herself. I've only known Shannon for a short time, but even in this abbreviated period, she has shown that she is a remarkable, intelligent, and a very  insightful young lady. You know how you usually say someone is passionate about this or that, well I think she’s just passionate about. She’s not in any  rush to accelerate the pace of time, she is taking it one step at a time and leaving her mark as she goes. Because of this passion, her self expression, and intellect I asked Shannon to speak on her first year of College. With all it's highs and low. Check it out “Remaining True, When College Hits You”    

Chante DeLong
Chanté DeLong has been writing since childhood, starting with songs and poetry and then moving on to short stories. She is currently working on a book and web-series focusing on the empowerment of women. Chanté writes because it’s her only true form of expression and believes words are the most beautiful thing man has created. Chanté also has her own fashion and lifestyle blog entitled Hey Hey Chanté! For more, visit and be sure to check out her piece featured here exclusively at Theory Republic, Black Woman: I Represent Me

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