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Wondering what the hell is the Oprah Rose Show, well let me tell you, its where ya hoe side and fairy god mother side meet and make you a dope ass person. This podcast is brought to you by host TT and GG, chronicles their life's (mis)adventures; it's really only "mis" depending on the dating situation. What's most interesting about this particular podcast, in a world filled with so many, is its rawness and sheer openness to any and every topic under the sun. 

The two ladies have discussed everything from running red lights (period sex) to trying to be successful as a black woman to how it goes down in the DM's to promoting black culture to women just being bosses in their own right. What makes the show most appealing is these two ladies unapologetic approach, they show their true colors, share their mistakes and successes. The show brings you real thoughts about what it's like being real while living in New York City as a sometimes single, sometimes loosely attached, but always successful still making mistakes, but successful black woman. Each has shared their trials and tribulations (the struggle) with dating in New York. Opening up from start to finish, so if you are looking for a great laugh, interesting conversation and two women on the brink of greatness that you can connect with check out The Oprah Rose Show. In the meantime, check out their interview about their come up. 

We scheduled a conference call where Gee and TT, laid it all out for me...

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your former self? Start earlier- when you first have the idea. It’s never going to be perfect....Why did you sit on it? wasn't like some dramatic sense of self doubt. It was like you know you have an idea and you talk about it for 5 months and then you decide to initiate real action. Realistically, a few folks mentioned it a few times, there wasn't a defining moment, but folks just mentioned our great chemistry and that we're funny. We sat on it for like 2 years literally. We did some research and THEN JUST DID IT. There wasn't an aha moment. 


What's been the Greatest Lessons? Girls, people we know or don't know went through it, this girl wrote in about not having big sisters and said y'all are big sisters---you learn that we are helping and inspiring others - Tiara

Don't compromise yourself. Put on blinders, the arena where others are doing podcast and others are a personality, it has taught us to stay in our own lane and reminding ourselves that we have a message and a voice that is necessary. No comparisons for sure, DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF! - Gina

Why are you passionate about this, what are you doing it for? Young girls, early on are taught how they should and shouldn’t behave, but the difficult and uncertain moments are often swept under the rug. We’re passionate about being transparent with other girls/women in saying “I messed up” or “This isn’t perfect” and having views that others may not necessarily agree with but are conversations that have to be discussed.

What's next for you and The Oprah Rose Show???? We plan to do more live shows, panels or things event based or things where we're hosting. Oh and some videos, we're trying to see what visual things look like for us.

Last words, to end the interview on a positive note...


Check out The Oprah Rose Show 

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