Dear Black Mothers....Your Daughters Need You

Dear Black Mothers,
Your daughters need you more than you think. More than their father, the stereotypical “Daddy issues” doesn’t compare to “Mommy issues”. The stigma
that me (YOUR BLACK DAUGHTER) can take on the world alone is such a lie. We need you more than you think. 

We need your comfort, compassion and friendship. We secretly need your approval and guidance. As much as we think we know it all, deep down inside we still need our “Mommy”. 

My Black mother stop calling me out my name, _______ (insert name here) is what you
named me, not “Bitch”. As bad as you wish you would have aborted me, I’m here for a reason and only God can take me out (no not you, as you say or may believe ofte. Mental abuse is the worst, degrading me and renaming me a derogatory name has a lasting effect on me more than you think. My Black mother, I need you to teach me, show me even the basic of things. Teach me about my menstrual cycle. Teach me how to properly wash my lady parts. “Mommy” I need you more than you think. No, we may not get along now, but this all could have been prevented only if you created that type of bond in the beginning . My Black mother, why is my brother treated like royalty and he can do no wrong. Why am I kicked out at 16 and he can live at home forever? Why am I forced to get a job and work my ass off and help you pay rent for a house, that I’m constantly being kicked out of as he sits on the couch playing video games. 

My Black mother why am I such a burden? Why can’t I do anything right in your eyes?

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