I Get Upset When

I happen to come upon ignorance. Common sense, just isn't as common as you may think. And it's sad, it truly is. In this country education is free and you would think, at least hope people would take advantage of it, but sadly they do not. People think its cool to be ignorant or to lack knowledge and I get upset when I happen to come across it. 

Ignorance is Bliss, I'm pretty sure you've heard that once before and if you haven't you are hearing it now. Its sad but it's true, ignorance is bliss. Just recently I came across a photo on Instagram and the guy references the Holocaust and spells to holla cause, then goes on to tell people to pick up a book. What makes this even more worse is that over 900 people retweet his foolishness. Now I want to have hope and say some were doing it to make fun of him. But then there's the other half, who were like, "yea he speaking the truth, pick up a book" 

Now I really try not to judge people, its wrong and who am I to judge. But, I'm really going to need you dumb fucks to STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW. We the people with common sense and knowledge need you to just stop, stop spreading all of your dumb fuckery. Stop trying to sound educated and actually pick up a book. Start off small Dr. Seuss; the books that read to you, Clifford The Big Red Dog; stuff like that so that you can slowly start to understand. Then get a map so that you can learn geography and where things are, then have someone point out to you where the Holocaust actually took place. Then come back and make a statement, because if you don't I will get upset.


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