Uphill Climb

Just when you think you've reached the end of the rope and everything you have in you is gone. You know right before you give up, you make that one final push.

And you keep surging, one hand after another. Before you know it you're at the pinnacle. That's called perseverance or fortitude. Having a rough day or several doesn't just mean you give up. You hang in there, life isn't easy, handouts come few and far in between. So you can't count on them.

But self, you can always rely on You. 
In the darkest of moments you look inside of you and find a way. You figure out how you will carry on. The mental and physical fortitude to make it through. There are going to be days where the pain is greater than others, making it hard to smile, be happy and stay positive. 

But you lean forward and keep going. 
You're going to the top, you say it and you proclaim it, and then you go do it.


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