She's A HOE!!!

The names and certain places in this post have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

They met early on a Friday afternoon, while they both were shopping. Not knowing each other prior to this day they both immediately realized a small physical attraction, which little to their knowledge would lead them both to engage each other. For the next several hours of that evening and early into the morning they sat, talked, laughed, and exchanged pleasantries.

They both soon saw that they were deeply interested in the other, they had like interest, and the conversation between them flowed without any hesitation, moments that were strange, or times with open space. He would soon want her more than just her mental, her physical attraction is what brought her to him originally and vice versa. So yeah, early that next morning he hit it; yup he proceeded to get in em cheeks. She hesitated a little bit, not wanting to seem fast or anything, but eventually she was riding hard. But this wouldn't be their first and last encounter. For the next week or so, they continued to engage each other in deep conversation and EVEN DEEPER PHYSICAL ATTRACTION. He respected her, he saw more to her than the cookie and cream. There was more between them than just SEX.

So wondering just because she gave it up within the first 24 hours, does that make her a hoe? No, NO! Judging a book by its cover can be misleading and reading the front and back doesn't mean you know the plot. The two remained in touch in the years to come, even dating for a period of time. To him she was sincere, special, and though he had already gotten the goods, seductively elusive. For her he would be intelligent, respectful, always remain intensively mysterious. Never being able to wrap her finger around what made him so attractive to her. He would always be a thought in her mind. Understanding why he never thought of her, as a hoe isn't a difficult concept. Now while this is not a concept that shouldn’t be placed upon everyone. The bestowing upon one should be evaluated based on circumstances. That bond that they built in those early hours, before the sex, would be one that they held onto for life. The conversation about facts of life to ideal date locations isn't a beginning conversation you have with many or few. The conversation went deep and the roots that sprout that early afternoon into the evening sowed themselves even deeper.

Wouldn't call it love at first sight, but deep thought and emotions were shared and explored. Love eventually did develop, in many ways it’s hard to simply put into words the feelings, the expressions, the thoughts, and the nonphysical and physical actions, that became of that night. But it is because this not so simple occurrence that you cannot indiscriminately classify him or her as a hoe. That morning they both saw each for more than just lips, breasts, and sexual organs. The sex that morning, was the culmination of what normally takes weeks or month to develop, but spawned into greatness in one night.


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