2 Year Anniversary

Thank you to everyone that over the last two years has shown or given support. Two years ago ambition was turned into reality with the establishment of Theory Republic. And well its grown into it's own. Theory Republic is visited worldwide, has taken on a life of its own, and the circle because of it has only gotten bigger & better. Putting it all together isn't easy and some days and times doesn't seem necessary. But its when you read the comments, or check out the hits that you see it is. I can't name everyone that has helped with featured pieces or article ideas, but you know who you are and know that I do appreciate your input and thank you. A piece of you is intertwined in what Theory Republic is. But now its a celebration, so please enjoy all the pieces from the last two years and the upcoming one. It only gets better from here on out! 


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Happy Anniversary Theory Republic. It takes a lot of commitment to write a blog, and it's even harder when you hope people will read your stuff and comment. I have read a number of your posts which I found to be very interesting and relevant for today's society. Even if a comment is not left, it doesn't mean your post has not been read and appreciated.
I'm glad I found you here and will continue to stop by when I have the time. Congratulations on coming this far, as many others have given up. Look forward to read what you have for us in the coming 3rd year. :)
Well done.
Theory Republic said…
Let me first express my appreciation and thanks to you for taking the time out to leave such a considerate note. I do know that this isn't easy I wasn't fully aware when I started it two years ago but I am happy that I stuck with it. Not only because of my personal and I think professional growth, but because I truly feel that this is helping and growing those who visit and are connected. As I have said previously I started Theory Republic with the hope that with every piece thought, expression and/or an opinion was evoke. I think over the last two years I've done my best to hold true to that. Thank you again for the support and appreciation, its truly valued.

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