Investing for Blacks

I'm pretty sure many of you hear it on a regular basis SAVE, SAVE, SAVE; your money for the future. I know I still do from my mother on a regular basis. She too works in financial services, in the banking sector and for years has preached the motto to save my dollars for the future. 
It's pretty sound advice actually. Especially if you take a look at the contrary, living modestly with money or lavishly and broke. But many times what I hear from my counterparts is that investing is to hard or difficult to understand. Honestly I think it's B.S. and simply put you're just highly uninterested or lazy. We learn how to play the newest video games or adapt to the changes of twitter or Facebook, we even learn our new phones without reading manuals. And I sincerely use "WE" because I too, am one who has adapted to the changes or learned the aspects of my phone without the help or assistance of a manual. But what does this all mean, that intelligent investing is within all of our reaches. Both you and I and any others following behind can grasp it and do well at it.

Check out pt. 2 for smart investment tips and several quality companies to invest with.


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
You are so right here. It is pure laziness. Too much time is spent watching the rich get richer whilst you remain poor.

Although I am someone who does not believe in getting into any type of debt whatsoever (don't even use a credit card, if's its not mine, I don't want it) I took it upon myself to check out all the different types of savings you can invest in. You don't need a lot of money to start, but once you work out that if you put cash into a particular savings account for 1 year, you can earn quite a lot of interest without doing a thing, you soon begin to sit up and take note.

So many products out there, just use the internet, talk to different banks and the products they have on offer, talk to trusted friends ( yes, trusted ones as you don't want all you business broadcasted). Gold, silver, copper....... so many more things. Nice Post.

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