Growth & Anger

As I grow older in age and wisdom, I begin to become more radical in my thinking and angrier at the ignorance we perpetuate within out community. I also find myself trying extremely hard to stay away from the black holes. Because, if you know like the dumbest of scientists know, that there is no light in a black hole. And where there is no light there is no knowledge.

It is not okay to be black and uneducated, it is not okay to be any race and uneducated. Even those with college education have tough times, but it's even worse for those with no education and a lack of ambition.

It is not okay to be black and coming of age and ignorant to the fact this it's a jungle out here. That only the strongest do survive. With knowledge comes strength. A weak mind equals a weak body.

It is not okay to see someone heading down the wrong path and not make an attempt to help them. We can't keep touting that the children are our future and do nothing to ensure that they have a way.

It is not okay to read any of this and not get offended in some sort of way. Offended by the ways of others or offended by the inaction of self. I've shed a tear or two from the hurt I feel because I feel as I haven't done enough to further the dreams of Martin, the radicalness of Malcolm, the passion of Evers, or the thoughts of DuBois. See it’s not enough for me just to write this have you all read it and feel as if I've done my part. I need to do more we need to do more. Time and time again I've asked myself what else, what more can I do. There have been times where I wished I lived in the days of Martin or Malcolm, Douglass or Dubois, so at least I could have been a contributor to some meaningful movement. Then reality sets back in and I’m here and now... so I'm slowly beginning to become comfortable with and understanding more that this is my time and I must do all that I can be a positive affecter.

Paving the rocky road ahead.


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Don't want to bog you down with fancy words but all I can say is, you have a great blog here and some of your posts have really got me thinking. I must do more, a lot more.
Thanks for the nudge.
Theory Republic said…
Thanks for the visit and for leaving a comment, let me say at any time if you have an opinion on something whether you agree or disagree with what might be stated you should definitely give it. But also we all have to do more we all have to do our part. WE ALL just have to

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