I Too Have a Dream: A Tribute

I Too Have A Dream

I too have a dream that one day I will be a real man. I too have a dream that one day years from now I can say I made it. I too have a dream that we the youth of today can come together as one and be the people of today and tomorrow. For we are the present and the future, I too have a dream. That one day we can stop asking to be equal and show that we are. For we can be the beams that build Monuments of tomorrow and the ones that support the buildings of today. But we cannot if we the people of today and tomorrow, the children of the future do not stand up and today proclaim. That we are here, proclaim that today will be the day. The day I, the day We, stand up and instead of those who will ask who I am, who we are; they will already know my, our name. And will unite as a we and stand together, at once and in one voice we say, I too have a dream. Its time to stop asking to be helped and help ourselves for it is said that God helps those who help themselves. We are a strong people. A strong people who has to realize that its time to unite and be strong from if we do not unite and stand up we are for sure to get left behind. It was the intended purpose of the original "I Have a Dream" speech, to empower a group of strong people so they may rise up and take their righteous seat at the table. To let them know that where there is a will there will be a way, I too have a dream. 

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I first wrote this back in my freshmen/sophomore year of high school, as apart of black history month tribute showcase at my church. I had been asked to write a poem, just to showcase my ability as a young man who could write. But I hadn't the first clue, what I was going to write about. At the time the "I Have a Dream" speech was my favorite speech ever given. So I thought what better way to pay homage and tribute to a great man but to also dream...


Carrymel said…
Never stop dreaming. Just as this dream becomes a reality, there will be more things to dream of and strive to make happen. This is quite the tribute to MLK :)


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