A Dream Not Deferred...

As a child your mind wonders into vast regions of reality, space, and endless possibilities. And sometimes along the way from childhood to adulthood we begin to lose that ability to let our minds simply wonder. We wonder because we have dreams of what our lives could be like, what can happen with just a little thought, what merely is possible because life is possible.

I never put down the dreams of people. Whenever I hear stories of older adults going back to school to get there Bachelors or Masters, or even their Ph.D degrees, I always say that it doesn't matter how old you are when you finish, or how long it took you to finish, but that you DID FINISH.

In a matter of twenty-four hours, I experienced two different things that greatly inspired the writing of this piece. Not so that there's just another decent piece posted to the site, but a piece that maybe sparks that wondering ability for some, supports it for others, and for those without hope, gives.

I attended a show of unsigned inspiring artist, rappers. Even though the venue was small and the show started extremely late, each artist came out and gave it their all. My homegirl Clovia did win the showcase and will be performing at a DEF JAM showcase, shout outs. But, they all have this dream that they wish to accomplish that they wish to see come true. They will continue to work towards that dream.

The second was my cousin dream to open what I want to call is a "Dream Center." It essentially is a recreational center that will help to cultivate the dreams of the youth. But the bigger picture is to inspire the dreams of any and all people. From what I can tell is that he believes and something I also support and believe, is that we all can dream and dream big. That even as we get older we must continue to dream. This center is his dream and a place for those who wish to dream.

With both experiences, I support that ability to dream. There is no reason why one cannot continue to dream, nor is there are reason why a dream should be deferred. Langston Hughes asked it best, "What happens to a dream deferred?" But I asked another yet deeper question, What happens to the person of a deferred dream? 


Miss Dre said…
I agree with you. I support anyone's right to dream. I support them even more as I watch them take actions to make the dreams feasible. Good read!

I like the new layout here too! NICE!


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