To The Hole

It all started one afternoon. We both standing there lookin at each other like you don't have what it takes. In my head I'm like she can't handle me. And she's thinkin he don't got what it takes.

Soon the sweat started to build. It would begin to trickle down his forehead, his chest and back. She could see it and their bodies touched in the process. He began to whisper in her ear. She would fire back from time to time with shut up's and quit all the talkin and get to work. You don't have what it takes to put it to the hole, she let's him know. She started throwin it back. 
It caught him a little off guard, he stumbled. Then went back to doing his thing, sticking and moving. Then the pressure began to build. It was becoming harder for them both. He asked her if that was all she had. She looked up at him he returned the stare. She looked up once more and said here this is how you put it in the hole as she laid up the ball in the basket.


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