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In this day and age with thousands of blogs, it becomes difficult sometimes to spot ones that will stand out amongst the rest.  But when you do I believe they should be acknowledged and showcased. So this time I bring you a young lady and her blog that more than deserves the spotlight. Who in my opinion has earned a spot in the growing Featured Authors section of Theory Republic.
I first met this young lady about four years ago now through another friend whom I would be attending University with. I immediately thought she was an attractive young lady, but I would later find out through my friend how educated and intriguing she truly was. That she was more than just another cute face in the crowd or another homegirl from the block. I would however come to see for myself how bright, educated, and intriguing she actually was. It was following her Fashion & Lifestyle by Ky, blog that allowed me a peek into her world, her mind, her views. 
There are many blogs that focus around fashion and lifestyle and not taking any shots at those other blogs. This particular one does it with a flare that I will say is an educated but a keeping it real type of style. A style that from beginning of reading you can tell, that it is well written, by a person with great intelligence, that its direct and will continue to feed your app├ętit. 
I applaud Kydee and the hard work that she puts into her blog and postings. You can tell that each one she does comes from the heart and that she is passionate about each of them. When reading her pieces, I cannot stop until I am done, they keep me interested, they have this edge to them. That will keep pulling you in further, what makes many of her pieces even more relevant is that I think not only myself but many others will be able to relate to them. Because they are just that real.
Kydee, I would encourage you to continue to hold onto the style that you exhibit in your pieces. Even if I am wrong about the description of that style, whatever it is, it keeps me interested. I am positive if you, others checked out her work you too, will be interested and coming back for more.

                                   I give you Fashion & Lifestyle by Ky


Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Love the post Thanks so much ::Tearrr:::
Theory Republic said…
You deserved it I truly enjoy your blog.

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