A Relationship With a Friend

You know that I’m talking directly to you with this post. I recently talked to an Ex, and her current relationship happened to come up, making a long story short, she’s currently dating her male best friend and understands and knows that she truly loves him. 
They say the best and long lasting relationships start out with true friendship. While you said that a relationship between us two would be bad, while I’ve argued that I see nothing but good from it. We have both been in good and bad relationships, I think that even at this point in life we both know what it take to make a relationship work and both have no problem giving what it takes to do that. We have both been emotional with each other, both physically and mentally. We have built a bond with each other that’s neither solely physical or mental, it balanced. So I continue to ask the same time old question. What wrong with a relationship with a friend?


There is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a friend if you guys can handle a relationship. The problem is that relationships can break friendships. On the other hand, a women should marry a guy that she can call her best friend. This decision is not for anyone to make, it is a decision that needs to come from God.
Theory Republic said…
If its a true friendship the relationship shouldn't break it because out of respect for the friendship and relationship you both won't do anything to disrespect it and as adults you would end the relationship before it would hurt the friendship

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