Natural Beauty: No Weave, No Make Up, & Clothes On; I'm Beautiful

I want to discuss something most men may not even consider or think twice about. But its through conversations and discussions that I've been apart of that I have discovered that men in fact contribute to and help further directly and indirectly, a lady's debate on Natural Beauty.

What does it exactly mean though, recently I made a choice that I would try to no longer call anyone ugly, basically referring to females. What I will say going forward is that they just do not attract my interest. This wasn't a decision prompted by any event or person, just a decision I decided to make. So I guess sometime in life you can wake up and just decide to do something. But still what is natural beauty?

In more ways than one we are all beautiful, very cliche, but very much true. Ever take the time to have a conversation with that person many others would call weird or classify as an outcast. Then you find that you both have many things in common. The same type of music, movies, majors, careers, whatever it may be, you discovered it.

Well the physical is somewhat the same. Many times we see beauty as this thing on T.V., but TV lives through people living everyday average lives. Ladies being honest, I think its only recently you all have coined the best reason for having a weave is because its easier to take care of. Because at the end of the day its still hair, that has to be maintained. So when adding weave to what already may be a beautiful head of hair think about the real reasons on why. Is there something about yourself you are unhappy about, a self-conscious demon you are afraid to confront? By all means there is nothing wrong with admitting that you don't necessarily like your looks.

There are woman, who add make-up to their faces not for the colors or the shiny look they will get, but in an attempt to hide. Hide a natural, beautiful, and unblemished face. But sometime that same thing that you're attempting to make look better with the make-up has an adverse affect. Leading to acne, more chemicals, or just more make up to hide the demon. When in reality there's no need for it. No one is absolutely perfect, not everyone will have smooth skin, or be able to go through puberty with acne least affecting them, but this does not make you unpretty.

Walking outside sometimes you see young and even older woman, who dress a particular way that leaves, what the old folks would say, "nothing to the imagination." There's a time and place for it all, walking down the street in the middle of the day going from your house to the store, me seeing most of your asses isn't really needed, nor is that the time or place. One thing that I was always attracted to in high school especially were the females in the skirts. Yes, the females all looked the same because of the uniform, but those who attracted me I always saw differently. Just enough revealed to leave me wondering and wanting.

There truly no need for weave or tracks, make up or eyelashes, short skirts or no clothes at all because without it you are BEAUTIFUL.

Being a little bias, while I think all females are good looking, I think the black female is the sexiest of them all. So to my African American ladies, you are a fine and divine creature, made beautiful from birth, not needing anything artificial to increase your beauty.

As men, we must work not to continue to contribute to this idea. Be men and tell her that she's beautiful regardless, that she doesn't need to have long hair, put make up on, or wear half to nothing. You are Beautiful. Ladies you must support one another, be gentle and kind in your approach, but support your fellow female. We may all have issues with our looks, that overtime we can come to accept. But first you must acknowledge that simple fact. Take a long look in the mirror and keep looking until you can say to yourself in that mirror, I am BEAUTIFUL.



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