Increase Ya Mental Stimulation

Ya body is an exhibit, should be viewed like the Mona Lisa. With awe and excitement. I wanna used my tongue to paint a portrait of ya body on ya body. I did say ya body is an exhibit. From your words I wanna get to know your story, what's the history behind, such a work of art. So I can begin to whisper a new story in your ear, a story of us and what we do.I wanna see the looks on ya face, the ones that tell sadness, joy, and pleasure. You can use my shoulders and my arms to shield you from the sadness. The dates Andre conversation we have to bring more joy. Letting me use my tongue, my lips, and my hands to increase the pleasure. 
 Ya body is an exhibit. Let me be your security guard. I'm not the original creator of your portrait, but now that I've seen it I can come to protect it. As many things that become better with age, I see you as being no different. I wanna increase your mental stimulation. While at work have flashbacks from the night before. While away from me have flashback from the date before. Let me be the curator, so I can help layout the art  

that will become our relationship. Surrounded by flowers, that smell just as sweet. Sitting next to love, that's given just as hard. Adjacent to happiness, that's remains forever. Sitting under trust, that never fades away. Ya body is exhibit. Should be view like the Mona Lisa. With awe and excitement. Let me be a spectator. So I can be jealous of the creator, so I can envy the security guard, so I can scorn to be the curator. Let me increase your mental stimulation, because am all four wrapped in one.  


Anonymous said…
Whoooo had my palms sweating nice!
Anonymous said…
i enjoy this, your use of metaphors i like
♛ FWB said…
WOOH! Go head POET! lol, making girls sweat and all!

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