Femmes With Benefits

I think that this post was very necessary, simply because of the level of dedication and the display of work I've seen. What I'm referring to is Femmeswithbenefits.com. A blog I was recently put onto and anyone who follows me and my blog, knows that I like to show respect to other great pages. So I would like to take a moment to do such.                                         
The page is comprised of articles from three beautiful young ladies, who I must say aren't just beautiful for their physical features. I've come to respect them and their page. From each article or post you can see the level of dedication and commitment given. And the overall purpose and I will say mission of the site is to show and better the lives of women. 

In my opinion it's a wonderful page, dedicated to women and their benefits. The address does say it all. Femmes With Benefits. And there are a number of sexy things in this world, one of them definitely being Females with benefits, African American females at that. Females who have a good head on their shoulders, definitely ambitious, definitely committed, and definitely going places in life. So I say ladies, keep up the great work, I enjoy visiting your page, and I can't wait for the next chat.

Everyone especially ladies check out this great page, I'm positive you will enjoy.


SOJO said…
This was so nice of you, sweetheart. We really appreciate the love and dedication of this article. Honestly, it is our pleasure to reciprocate that love back and say THANK YOU. I find it admirable of you to acknowledge the positivity and dedication that seeps through each line of every new article we post. Thank you for helping us to further dispel the myth and show that women CAN get along and in fact, go very far by doing so.

We knew we were on to something when we started hearing from women about how they admire the things we do and say. But we REALLY knew we HAD something when we started receiving love from intelligent and respected gentlemen like yourself.

A million "thank you's" would not be enough to thank YOU. Our humility makes us forever grateful for any and every form of outside love.

See you in the next chat..!


-Sojo ; FWB.
♛ FWB said…
This means so much to us, you have no idea. Thank you for this feature and we hope that we can continue to grow and benefit the lives of others. The internet can, at times, be abused and used as a place for gossip & 'degration'.. But we're trying to use it as a place for growth & development. Thanks for your participation and support in what we do. =]

Kimberly, FWB

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