Forever we will remain connected, might not see each other day in and day out, but when most needed I am here, because we are FRIENDS. Relax is what we can do together, on those days we chill sipping on a Starbucks coffee while exchanging Christmas gifts and catching up on what’s new in our lives; we share these moments because we are FRIENDS. In the beginning we were homeroom mates, listening to morning announcements, chatting with others, then whisking off to our first period class. Today we talk, laugh, party, drink, and celebrate life together, because over the years we have become FRIENDS. Engaged to this bond is what I am, happy, because I can say we are FRIENDS. Never-ending is how we will classify our friendship as we have shared stories of love, dances at parties, and giggles over ichat convos; this is all because we are FRIENDS. Delighted that words and poems such as this can be given meaning, show love, expressed to a wonderful person, this is because, we are FRIENDS. Special, the kind of person you are, special is the bonds we share, special is our friendship, special is what you are to me, because we are FRIENDS…..


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