Jephte is a FUCKBOY!

Forget all that was said about Lawrence of Issa Rae’s Insecure. Jephte is the epitome of what a fuckboy looks like, acts like, says and does. He is the worst of what women say about men!

Who is Jephte, he’s the 26 year old African American man married to Shawniece on the current season 6 of Married At First Sight. The premise of the show is you take a chance on love. You meet your bride and groom for the first time at the alter. Over the course of the next 6 weeks the couples learn about each other, grow together and live life as a married couple. At the end of the 6 weeks, the couples decide whether they want to get a divorce or stay together. 

Now back to this fuckboy Jephte, he wasn’t ready to be on this show nor was he ready to be married. He tells this woman that he wants to be married, that he wants to grow with her, that he wants it; but then does all of the opposite the next minute. Yes, it’s still early in the show, it’s only been about two weeks into the marriage. But, you do not and I repeat do not go onto a show with the concept like this and not be willing to go in further than he has or seem willing to

He won’t even sleep in the same bed as his wife. Let’s remove the shallowness of beauty, Shawneice is actually a very attractive woman, even when see takes the makeup off. She’s your wife dude! Shawniece thus far has shown to be the most engaged participant, I have seen on this show going back to season 2. Jephte’s problem isn’t that he’s a bad guy, because it doesn’t seem to be that. The problems apparent in their married is a little more than that.
  1. He’s just was not ready, maybe it's immaturity. This becomes obvious from the first episode. While everyone on a show like this is a bit worried about how their friends and family will perceive this life changing risky move; for him it was like if someone would have said "no don’t do it", he would have called it off. He was nervous to even kiss her, his wife, in front of his mom and family while taking wedding photos. 
  2. I get it, this person is an absolute stranger, so neither party may be hyped to have sex the first night married or not. But, it seems that Shawniece hinted that she would be open to it on their first night. Instead of at least having the conversation about the potential of this. He sleeps in a separate bed their first night and all the following nights; including their honeymoon. 
  3. He’s not even trying. He’s stuck in how he’s been doing things for so long that he lacks the understanding of trying to give more of himself. He is constantly calling her a stranger and unwilling to really put himself into the marriage so he can get to know her or begin to let her in more. What you have been doing, clearly has not been working, PLUS this is a marriage it's a little different that how you were doing things before.
  4. She has tried to address it with him and express her feelings of wanting to feel wanted to. What does he do? Carries on the same way as if this woman didn’t just say she wants to feel wanted and she wants you to let her in. AGAIN, Let's say it together, SHE'S YOUR WIFE! He didn’t even want to give her a goodnight kiss two weeks into the marriage, the first night she slept at his house. The fuck..
Sir! You had to have an idea of what you were getting yourself into. ITS CALLED MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. Married being the key word there. From seeing what Jephte portrays on T.V. each week, I know understand what women have been saying about what a fuckboy is. Because sir you are epitomizing that on a weekly basis. While the outcomes have already been determined, because of course we are seeing this all after the fact, my advice to all the other fuckboys out there is this. 

STOP NOW! Don’t continue to waste your time or continue to waste her time. It’s pointless. Find someone that will be on the same wavelength with having their time wasted and emotions unattached. At this point in the season I feel bad for Shawneice, we as the audience can only hope their relationship turns around and that they can really make it, because we all hope for life long love and marriage. But both partners have to be willing to be fully engaged and committed to learning, growing and feeding into one another. No one has time for a fuckboy and right now Jephte you are a FUCKBOY!


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