Thank You.....3 Yrs of Appreciated Support

To Devoted Audience of Theory Republic;

          What started out as a small thought to make inroads into the vast world of blogging on June 15th, 2010; has now grown into a movement, a brand, and a name of its own today. It is because of you, who are reading this now, has any of this been made possible. You have read, commented, and submitted varies pieces and articles that have been published to our site. You have added excitement and new elements to this movement, that weren't fathomed when we began. For it Theory Republic is forever grateful; for your commitment, your dedication, and you.

          So, this is a bittersweet moment in which we announce that effective on Monday, September 30th, 2013; there will no longer be any new material published on the Theory Republic site. Because you have been a very loyal audience all currently published work, will remain forever available, for you to continue to love and read. Theory Republic would also like to send a special thanks to Constance Rahming; for her counseling that helped in facilitating this decision and the next steps.

          But, we aren't going far or away by any estimate. We ask that you join us in our next chapter, A High Society. Which was launched earlier this Summer and will serve as the next stage of this journey. What can you expect from A High Society; much of the same that you came to love about Theory Republic. Interesting pieces; that were thought provoking, opinionated in some cases, accurate, and relevant to the times; just to name a few.

          You may ask why this is happening or necessary; well A High Society, in all ways symbolizes the growth that has occurred over the last three years. Because of you, it has all happened, it has all been possible. It is a sad moment, because Theory Republic has grown, has become memorable, has allowed for so many connections and relationships. But it's also exciting because of the new possibilities that will enviably blossom because of A High Society.

          To stay update with all the new news happening, or be added to the A High Society distribution list; please email us at You can also google "A High Society." Twitter, Facebook and all the other great things are in the works and will follow in the days to come. So it's not a goodbye, but definitely see you soon!


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