young love. No! YOUNG MARRIED LOVE

I wanted to wait until both couples were married to publish this piece, being that they both inspired it. I hope that they don't mind the surprise it or me borrowing some of the photos for it.

People can, will, and have said that getting married at 24, 25, or 26 is young. That you should wait, there's no need to rush, it's okay to be engaged for several years before you get married; will all be included. I can't and won't lie, I'm a believer in those sentiments. I do think that my mid 20's are for me to live, explore, and enjoy life. To have the ability to be unsure, change my mind, go about whatever at the drop of a hat and without the consultation of someone else. I'm not saying that marriage is the end of one's life, but there are things that once married must be discussed amongst two and not just self. 

But I've also been enlightened to something, that is not only beautiful, but may be inspiring for other.

It's young but not necessarily young MARRIED AND BLESSED LOVE. During the week of May 12 through May 20th 2013, I was for a moment able to see several things that simply disregard the "no need to get married young notion."

It's not that they are naive or reckless, it's because they knew that the journey they would be embarking on would be grandiose. It would be would be something beyond great. It would be love and so much more. It would be... 

God - prayed on, about, and determined to be divine. God placed them all together and in each others' lives for a reason. Chalk it up to divine intervention if you like, but you can see not only through their prayer together, that it's genuine and right for all those involved. In a paraphrase and a bit of a rewrite of Mark 10:9, what God has brought together, no man can separate.  

Life - it is too short sometimes to ask sit around and ask what if. It's easy to see that each connection is authentic. It's hasn't been built on lies, mistrust, or things deceptive. But from real conversation, genuine common bonds, things that bring two people together forever. If you have all of that and think you have time to sit around and wait then go ahead. But let us not knock or deter those who rather not wait, but take advantage of each moment and cherish it.

Love - it would be impossible and more disrespectful to try and describe the true love and bond these couples have for each other. Just know that authentic or genuine don't do them justice. You get to see through them how love is truly indescribable. But it's inspiring see the true friendship that they have amongst each other.

The consideration that goes into their thoughts and actions. It's not all in what they say, do, or how they interact. It's in their connection, it's in their spirit, it's just them. 


I sat around at the dinner table with them all one night and said to myself that it would be my hope that whenever I do get married I have something similar to what they all do. The wives have their husbands, the husbands have their wives, together they have each other, and God has them all. It's in that, that you see that despite the worries, hesitations, and us naysayers; that they'll all be okay. Come the hell and high waters they will last a lifetime. Not to prove us wrong, but because they went into their respective unions with faith and hope, an open mind, a prayed up spirit, and most of all each other. 

Congratulations to the Brandon's; Xavier and Ayebaifie (it was only right Tasha)!!!

Congratulations to the Major's; Rahqwan and Samantha!!!

May God's blessings be with you all!


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