Failing In the Moment

We are failing to live up to the moment. We are failing individually and collectively to live up to the grandiose moments presented in life. A fate that should scare us. On all fronts; politically, socially, economically, it's disgraceful that in moments that should greatly define character in the positive. We are settling for the negative or purely neutral position.

As Americans we should be ashamed of ourselves. What if the Supreme Court dodge Malbury v. Madison, Brown v. The Board of Ed., Maranda v. Arizona; would we be better or worse. What if Congress completely ducked Title 9, Civil Rights, or the GI Bill. Where would we be without an emancipating proclamation,  a redefined border based off pure assertion, or the gumption to steer us out of a depression.  We are a nation built on monumental change; the revolution defined our destiny. But increasingly it seems as if we are scared to set precedent, reverse or fix our course, or simply address our wrongs. From Our Founding Fathers to Lincoln to Polk to Wilson to FDR; they didn't wither in the moment. But faced it with unknown outcomes but with determination as strong as the rock of Gibraltar and hopes they would somehow overcome. 

We no longer have that strength or determination for that matter. Today I am ashamed of the path we have chosen to take. In its ruling on Prop 8, the Supreme Court was unequivocally suppose to set this nation right. That regardless of party affiliation; to tell all that we stand corrected in our wrongs. This fight goes hand in hand with the others of the past; civil rights for African Americans or other minorities to equal rights for women. Anyone that says or tells you different, is disillusioned of the foundation of this nation, they lack clarity and brevity to speak on history and the story it tells now. We are not a nation that is without error, but there are moments, like the ones we were just presented with, that we take advantage in correcting those wrongs. I had hoped that the Supreme Court was prepared to live up to this moment and say without hesitation, but with the assurance of a constitutional scholar that they each are and say. That it's unconstitutional to ban same sex marriages anywhere in our land, besides it being based off Constitutional rights, it's clearly written there in our Declaration of who we are. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; we are all created equal under the creator with certain inalienable rights!


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