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She's 15 and can purchase Emergency Contraceptive, Plan B, over the counter at the local Pharmacy; without her parents knowing. 

Late yesterday evening, the FDA revealed that they were adjusting the age restriction to start at girls 15 years old and up. This actually isn't the first time that the FDA has looked to make these same changes. It was once tried before, but then blocked by the Obama Administration, more as a political move than anything else. After a court ruling the FDA, was given the authority once again to make the changes as they saw fit. Well those changes will be arriving pretty soon. 

A couple of key facts about the Plan B pill; it IS NOT the abortion pill, its a preventive conception pill, and is relatively safe with little to no side affects. 

But the question is does anyone see a problem with this? Do you think a girl as young as 15, should be able to go purchase the Plan B pill, without her parents even knowing? Have we or are we creating a double standard, there's no age restriction on buying condoms and boys aren't carded when they buy them? 

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