Intro to Fellatio

Just some useful info from the male perspective on what we like, hopefully it helps...

Ladies, if ya man gives and gives good, he should receive good. I think that's as simple as it gets.

Let go of any and all inhibition you may have about giving your man or partner head, especially after you've already put your mouth on the dick.

There's nothing more disappointing than a female that's already giving head being timid during the process.

We want you to be free, nasty, & sloppy with it; dirty about it and I mean FREE, NASTY, & SLOPPY; be one with it.

Moan and get off on the fact that your sucking dick and doing it good or as the song says doin it and doin it and doin it well. Look up at me, while I'm staring down at you, yea we like that shit!

Don't be weak and petite with it, hold it with mastery, engulf it like it’s your favorite meal all wrapped up in one.

Now for the 3 S's: Spit, Stroke, and Suck!!!

Yes, spit on the dick, ladies you can never spit too much on the dick while you're giving head. The more the merrier, lmao, seriously though slippery is better. This leads to the....

Stroke, if that shit is nice and naturally lubed up thy stroking is going to be graceful. A nice steady stroke and some scrotum massaging during the stroking phase makes it all better and better. Finally you add the....

Suck, now depending on where at in the fellatio phase you are will determine which of the sucks you use. There's the full shaft suck that should be used if you're still early into the fellatio. This is the full insertion of said penis into your mouth as far as it can go. Deeper the better but don't kill yourself if you not bout that life. And remember to keep the dick moist. Then there's the suck of just the head, this should be used towards the end, right before the sex ensues. Here all you have to do is with the right amount of sucking pressure suck the head of the dick, making that pop sound every so often.

Combined and executed properly the three S's will have your man cumming or aroused completely for great intercourse.

Also, ladies know there's nothing wrong with random middle of the night, first thing in the morning, late afternoon session of fellatio. Even if it’s a quick 5mins it's random but seductive and though he may not admit it. We like seductive.

Don't be afraid to ask your man what he likes, hell do it while you're giving him head, but it has to be in that sexy sexy voice.

P.S. There's nothing wrong with swallowing. Two things to keep in mind, if he gives you head you don't push him away or he doesn't move away while your creamy filling is pouring out, you shouldn't neither. Second, if your doin it well chances are you have already tasted the precum, so the whole you don't swallow is invalid. Be a woman about it, own it, and swallow it. It's appreciation for your hard work!!


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