This Summer

This Summer, I will live it up as much as I can. This is not to say that the last few summers Ihaven’t lived it up, because if you know me, seen my twitter, or my Instagram you know I have. But I want this summer to be revolutionarily different from the last. I plan on switching jobs, attending my Cousin’s wedding, and going on a vacation (first real one in years). But there’s much more.

I really want this Summer to be carefree, damn near magical. I want that summer, the summer of my teens, you know that Summer where you fall in love, do all that you wanted, your first kiss, first love all of that. Well yeah, I just want the feeling of all that, not necessarily needing the love, or the kiss; I’ve had all that, just need the feelings back now.

Some will say you can’t have the feelings without the action, well this Summer I going to live it as if I can. I will capture it, I speak this into the world, and I speak this into existence. This Summer will be my best magical Summer yet. And this time next year, I will plot to make that my most magical Summer, why because Summer is the time to live. It’s the time of year where you try new things, you stay out late, wake up early, and you take advantage of day. Because during the chilly end of the Fall and the cold snowy days of Winter, it will be this Summer you think of.


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