In A Perfect World

In a perfect world, my mind telling me to just keep repeating in a perfect world until I reach the 100 word minimum. But then that would be wack and would be completely a pipe that it would work to make something valid. 

But in essences isn't that what we are doing here with this particular phrase or theme. Imagining our perfect pipe dream. I mean don't get me to sounding all cynical but realistic sure am. Like ending all world hunger and poverty as we know it. All good things that sure we would love to see in a perfect world. But perfect in this case can't exist. Notice I didn't say won't, leaving just some up that its possible. But reality really doesn't dictate that it will be. So then what are we left with. 

The PipeDream. The pipe dream that in a perfect world says I will forever be young, that I will live without cares, pains, or struggles. That each day will be a victory without obstacles. But then I must stop myself right there. STOP!! To live without cares, pains, struggles, to have victories without obstacles; leaves me with no testimony. It leaves me understanding that I'm currently living in the perfect world that I don't dream of but need. I'm left humbled knowing that I cannot solve the problems of the "imperfect world," but that I can try.  That in the perfect world that I need I have a testimony, that I have victories even through the obstacles. That in my mind and through the course of life I will forever be young 


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