I Was Shocked When....She Said She Was Pregnant

I was shocked when; she told me the doctor said she was pregnant.

It was days before I was suppose to leave for College; she met me after work, we were going to go back to my house, she had just come from her yearly physical with her doctor. She said the doctor gave her a routine pregnancy test and she was El Prego.

I was shocked; all that I could think was there wasn’t going to be any College right now. I would be staying at my job, going fulltime, so that I could do the responsible thing and support them. I couldn’t figure out though how I was going to deliver the news to my mother. Mind you all of this went through my mind in a matter of about 3mins. No literally three minutes, she told me as we were getting on the bus and I had thought about this from the door to our sits, so maybe less than 3 minutes. But I wasn’t sure how or what I would say to my mother, because her thing has always been “DON’T BRING NO BABIES IN THIS HOUSE.” So I’m like WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I know the start was cancelling my plans to go to college and work fulltime but other than that WTF, I still leave at home, we not married, WTF.

Some of y’all are like why you just thinking of yourself, what about her, is she okay, that a lot for her to deal with. You right it is, I put my arm around her and said that I was here for her with whatever she wanted to do, but this is “I was shocked when”.

NOW YOU CAN ADD, I WAS SHOCKED WHEN….. I finished reading this and he ended with that she said she was joking.

(This isn’t a fictional story, it actually true.)


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Wow, I was really feeling it mate. What a twist at the end but it also serves as a warning to be careful, and it also showed the reaction which was nice.

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