At Forty, I Want

At 40, I want to not forget about dreaming. At 40, I want to make sure I remember all the small things, that have made me into the 40 year old Jarrell.

Yes, I want the things we all wish to have at 40, you know. A family, successful in ones career, good health, stability and all the other stuff we wish for before or by 40. But if I have none of it or even some of it, at 40. I want to not forget to dream and remember what's made me, me. To not get so caught up in all the other things that, I forget to live a life for me. 

I understand it now and it wasn't until writing this piece, why some people live the way and life they do. And I'm not talking about those who are 40 and wish to have done other things. I'm talking about those who are 40, doing, and satisfied. Those ones that aren't married, but are okay with it. They are okay with the turns life has taken and are grateful for what life has offered them thus far.

Because at 40, having all those things is fine and dandy, but what does it all mean if at age 39, day 364, hour 23, minute 59, second 59; if you've lose ya self along the way.


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