Not To Fast

Don't wanna be quick to call it love, but if it isn't could it be lust. Naw lust, can't it be that I have a deep liking for the person you are, enjoying spending countless amount of time with you and no it doesn't include sex. Why can't I just see beauty in you and happiness in your smile? Why can't it be that were compatible in more ways than one and have an attraction several times more than some. I don't wanna be quick to call it love but nothing else can describe why I want it so bad, crave it so hard, or willing to go so far. But damn what if... What if it is love? Then we won't label it, we will simply call it, the deep liking of the person you are, my countless hours of time spent not having sex partner, the beauty I see in you and the happiness in your smile, compatible in more ways that one, attractions seven times more than some. 
Yea that's what we'll call it!


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