Secretive, Mysterious, Liar. . .

If you've ever held a conversation with me or been around me long enough, you will know that I'm a pretty outgoing and a social person. I really don't like being in a room full of people and it be quiet; I will be the one to say something or speak first to get it going. But also in being that outgoing and social person I've always heard from people that I'm secretive or that they don't truly or fully get me. For me that has always been welcomed. Some will say that it doesn't help with making friends and building relationships, and that is fully understandable but it's kind of a risk I'm willing to take.

In life I think that its essential to keep things to yourself. Yes, have friends or family that you can talk to and tell things to, which I do have and cherish those bonds. But there are things that others just will never know and for me I relish in this fact. There have to be secrets about your own life that you take with you to your grave. Quite honestly the reasons why may all be different; maybe it's no one else's damn business, maybe it's just so big it's better a secret, or maybe it's just for peace of mind. Whatever the reason you've decided to keep it to yourself.

There will be things in life that I share, there will be reasons why I do things that I tell. But there will also be moments where I do and don't share, and reasons not given. Those times may come more often than when I do share and tell, for me thats fine. It is something you can choose to accept or not and if you don't I most certainly understand.

I've always said amongst my good friends and people that I share things with; none of them solely would be able to piece together or tell the full story of Jarrell. They might think they could, but not necessarily.

Together they would quite in fact be able to tell or put together a more complete story, but even then, there will be pieces and things missing from it. Leaving the story or picture still somewhat incomplete, those missing pieces lie with me. And the conclusion of that incomplete picture is fine with me and I think looks better than a publicly complete one.


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
I learned a very long time ago that if you don't want certain things in your life to be known by others, then it's best to not tell anyone, at all, for any reason. This is because you may trust Sister Sara for example, but Sister Sara has a best friend called Joe, so she tells Joe, then Joe tells Blabber Mouth, and Blabber Mouth tells Mr Neighbourhood. Next thing you know.....
Sometimes the secret has developed new parts to the story, which could be damaging.

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