I want to hear from you!

You guys and girls are my audience, and thank you for being that. Because of you all Theory Republic is what it is today. So because of that I would like to give you a chance to be apart of the discussion. For the next month I will take topic or theme request from you on WHATEVER you can think of and write about it. So, give me your best subjects, topics, or theme. You can submit theme under the comment section of this post, twitter: @theory_republic or email: theoryrepublic@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you all.


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Ah, this is a good post. So here are my suggestions on what I would like you to tackle or write about:

1. Why is it that black people especially within the music industry refer to each other as dog, ni***r, bitch and such like derogatory words? Are they aware of what the actual words mean? and why is it that when society refers to them as ni**ers, they don't embrace or accept it but instead throw it under the heading 'racism'?

2. Why is it that so many black women wear wigs, braids, relaxers? what is the fear about going natural? and I'm not referring to those who have alopecia or dermatological conditions. Do they wish to portray themselves as something they are not?

I look forward to you doing this challenge.

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