Fashion Night Out 2012

While New York City's Fashion Night Out, the official unofficial start to Fashion Week was action packed. Filled with Celebrities, Alcohol, Discounts, Food, Entertainment, and Fashion, lets just say not everyone was fashionable though. In this world of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blogging, and the internet, it becomes quite hard to stand out in a room full of alike. It is still very much possible, BUT THATS NOT WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I happen to see things while attending FNO events that were just ________ and need to be addressed.

1. This whole colored hair thing is not for everyone. I'm going to need you all to start having real friends in your lives, someone who is going to tell you "no and stop." That, that does not look or suit you well. It's not hating its called being a real friend. Some of you with it look bad, dirty even.

2. I don't need you hawking your cd's in the middle of the street. Yes, I respect ya hustle and grind, but consider FNO ya night off. Most of the people you hand your single out to, isn't even gonna listen. They are just taking it so they can move pasted you. In fact you're losing money cause you're handing out cd's you paid for and won't be put to use. 

3. Ladies this dark lipstick trend y'all have going on is BAD. If you thought the hair color thing made you look dirty, the lipstick just makes it 10x worse. Some ladies with certain outfits pull it off well. But many of you that are just trying to follow in the trend FAIL, and FAIL BADLY. I really can't stand those new bright ones too much neither, but maybe you should try it, you'd probably come out looking better.

4. Just because you are a gay male does not make you a Fashionista or fashionable. Someone said to me after I originally made that statement that you would think the two go hand in hand. Well they always don't. Handcut short shorts, with a blazers and furry shoes is an EPIC FAIL. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong when you put that outfit together in your house, stepped outside, me seeing it, you thinking your fabulous, and it be a huge miss of the mark.

5. If you're going to SOHO just to try and holla at chics, your chances are you're walking away with a wrong number, the hoe, or the ugly chic. The last two are very related and interchangeable. From one guy to another if you are going to do it with any hope of success you might want to look decent, presentable, and stand out just a bit. Looking like the regular dudes they see on their block, in school, or during their every day travels while getting hollered at only decreases your chances. 

Theses are my top five, there are others like shoes, having your feet done (Ladies), your hair done, deodorant, fresh breathe, etc. Fashion Night Out is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself. Ladies its possible that someone else will have on the same outfit as you. Its possible that she will even look better in it than you do. Fellas the one jeans off ya ass  and latest Jordan thing is whack, its not even fashionable, edgy, or trend worthy. It should just be left at home. But try ya best. Be daring. Be different. 


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