Criminal Minds: Women

The origins of this didn't start out as a piece for the site, but definitely developed into one as the thought and responses came together. It touches on the way women are seen in the criminal justice system.

I do hold women equally responsible when they do commit a crime. They are of the same sound mind and thought capacity as men. I do know that there is a difference in the type of crimes women tend to commit over men. Women do commit the petty crimes for example; thief or robbery. But are more likely to commit crimes of passion like assault or manslaughter or murder. If you take the crime of DUI men are more likely to be the perpetrators of this offense. The same as men are more likely to be serial killers. But none of these are beyond the scope of what the female criminal mind is capable of. Its just women are more inclined to carry out one over the other.

If I think back to my time in the juvenile prosecutors' office, many of the young offenders were males. Their offenses ranged from graffiti, robbery, drug possession, or weapons. Where as many of the females were fights or assault. Which depending on the circumstance does fall within the scope of crime of passion.

There is a thought that women should be seen or give sympathy as oppose to a man. Because they tend to commit crime based more or circumstance such as abuse, poverty, and/or love. Arguably these are factors that contribute to the criminal activity of women, but so are they ones that contribute to the criminal activity of a man.

Like the boyfriend that’s a drug dealer and get the girlfriend to go along with the operation. Yes, originally that wasn't her criminal plan; she still made a conscious decision to go along with it. But that is not an excuse and shouldn’t in anyway lessen the severity of the crime and punishment.

Especially in this day of equality, there must be understanding regarding the circumstances surrounding any crime and that goes for both men and women. But it is because of the circumstances not because he or she is in fact a he or she.  So it really shouldn't matter whether she is a she or a he, but that he and she has committed a criminal act which they must be punish for.

Thanks to Nicollette for inspiring the thought behind this piece. Hope it helps in class and continue to be the lookout for more submission pieces.


DanBonser said…
True gender equality is a very long way off, unfortunately. Women can 'get away' with much more, and if they are pretty, it will make quite a bit more headlines. I fear, as we continue down the road to equality, we'll start seeing women performing more heinous crimes that normally only men commit, and then the criminal system will have to start prosecuting women with less sympathy in mind.
yes !! def. agree! more and more women are committing such crimes and eventually gender equality will be a necessity which is a great thing. Everyone has the right to free choice it is their decision as to whether or not they choose to act positively or negatively but regardless their decisions the end result is if you make a bad choice you need to be held responsible, no ifs ands or buts !
Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Women seem to be behaving more like men these days, so I won't be surprised if they also move on to do much more harsh crimes in the process.

Nicollette hit the nail on the head when she mentioned about 'free choice'. We all need to be responsible and accountable for our actions and in return expect to do 'time' just like the men do.

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