College Rules

It's still early in the semester and the freshmen are still kinda feeling their way around campus. By now I'm sure people have boos, there's been several drunken nights, and some people already seem funny to you. Well here are a few ways to navigate it all and honestly these can apply to all four years.

Friends I think NOT, for the freshmen especially y'all just met. Everyone is still in the “getting to know” everyone phase. He or she is not ya BESTIE. Don't get caught up in the hype because as quickly as you became cool will be as quickly as y'all aren't. Best advice be cool with a diverse group, so you're never spending all your time with just one set of people.

Whenever possible have your own. Now everyone knows being a college student is a struggle and people don't have a problem helping you out SOMETIMES. But no one wants a roommate or neighbor that's always knocking and asking for stuff.

Be low like the subway, I think this is the most essential rule above all else. From being the campus hustler to the campus pimp be LOW. Regardless if the campus is big or small, gossip will get around but if you're low you can avoid much of this. Going to see a chic in her building have a friend sign you or switch up who signs you in so it's not just one person. Don't be going around telling those Chics you just met who you sleeping with. Nine times out of ten they want to sleep with him too and will throw dirt on your name to do it.

Know your limit when it comes to drinking. As I said before they aren't your bestie so let’s not be falling out cause you had too much. You might hope those "friends" will carry you back to your room, but not always. So know what your body can tolerate and what your limit is.

Condoms, I think that can be enough by itself but I'll elaborate. People are having sex, sometimes with multiple people. So don't get caught up on the hype that ya pussy or ya dick is the best they've ever had and won't be fucking no one else. Be safe use condoms, protect yourself from the chlamydia outbreaks and that possible having to take a semester off pregnancy.

Get involved on campus. There's no better way to have fun and know what's going on like being involved. From joining a club or organization to inter-murals, it will allow you to meet different people and do different things. Don't be afraid to step out of your box and grow a little. You will appreciate it in the long run.

Go to class and at least try, being low was the most essential but this is most important. Yes it's cool to go and have fun; party, drink, the sex. But nothing worse than having that .6 GPA at the end of the semester. Playing catch up in the Spring, never really getting there, being placed on academic probation or even worse being "asked" to not return to the school. While you're there actually learn something and do it within a reasonable amount of time. 6 years is the max.

These are the college rules. Follow them and I'm positive you'll have a pretty good four years. Have fun and if you have any questions about the College Rules, do be afraid send them to

Bonus: the upper floors of the library are usually always empty!


Lexy said…
Yessssss this is dead on;I wish you would have touched on Love life!

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