Bitch Please!!!

What's up my Nigga?

That my Bitch, we been homegirls for years?

Nothing and No we haven’t.

I'm pretty sure both nigga and bitch are words that have slipped our tongue and lips before. And if they never have well I applaud you, I'm not so honorable in that regard, I must admit.

But the question was asked in the context of rap music and celebrities. Rap is a form of art; those who rap are carrying out artistic expression. So whatever language is used in that vehicle, I honestly choose to write it off just as that. No matter how derogatory or explicitly laced it is.

Where I see the problem; is when it extends into your everyday interactions and your common language or expression. There is no excuse or acceptance of the excuse when someone proclaims they can't turn it off and on. Anyone that has ever dealt with me, knows when it comes to being professional and conducting business, that's exactly how I conduct myself. Professional to the fullest, until business has concluded. After that the filter comes off and the use of profanity is elicit! But I also am able and pride myself on being able to conduct a proper nonprofessional conversation.

If you grow up in the hood, it's not really cool to speak proper. It's likely to get you made fun of. Growing up I was one of those kids who spoke proper; it's what I knew. Yea, I knew slang too, but that wasn't really accepted. And I always remember when I first started talking to girls, that's one thing they would always say, "you speak so proper" especially Iesha. But honestly I was never bothered, confident in self and I understand why I spoke that way.

But, I think the problem now stems from the lack of parents who do not monitor or filter what their kids’ watch and what they listen to. The open use of the word "bitch" on shows like Basketball Wives, Real Housewives...., Bad Girls Club, etc; have glamorized the word to only be understood in a narrow context. And the same goes for nigga. Children are being exposed to these things with much less explanation than before.

As I grew up the word nigga was directly associated with the word nigger and neither were to be used in my house. Nigger was the term given to slaves and was used to degrade my people. Today I know it's used more as a term of endearment. But even in that context I myself, being older with greater understand for the words and context still limit my use of it. Why? I choose to hold myself to a higher standard, simply saying that I can use more widely accepted terminology.

Lastly, if the word bitch and nigga are so endearing why if I, a man says "wassup bitch" that woman is likely to take offense, catch an attitude, and will be ready to fight. The same is for a white guy saying "wassup my nigga." What’s the logical ignorant reason for this double standard?

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