What Do We Create In Life?

No lie, the word "create" had me stuck. One minute I wanted to extend it and be creative. Then I wanted to ask, what do we create. And I wanted to talk about the life I've/we create. Now that I've gotten that down, I figured why not put it all together. Starting backwards though.

God created the world in "7 days," I will create myself in a lifetime. To create self takes a span of time, baby steps. It's not just a snap your fingers and go type of production. Patience will be a virtue.

So what do we create in life besides ourselves? Are we creating a legacy that will live past us? Are we painting a proper picture so that others look up to us? Are we creating in life in general?

Be creativity in life; step outside of your normal box, don't easily conform, and always always always remain true to yourself.


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