Traffic Stop

Michael Jackson said “It doesn’t matter if your black or white.”

Car get stops by the police (stop proceeds as such)

Officer: Sir, do you know you were going 11 miles over the speed limit, can I get your license, insurance, registration, and citizenship paperwork!

Driver: Excuse me? My license, insurance, registration and what?


Officer: Sir, provide me with what I have requested and what do you do for work sir? How long have you been in this country?

Driver: (Retrieving his license, insurance, and registration) Officer I do not have or know anything about the citizenship paperwork that you are requesting. I am a U.S. Citizen I was born here.

Driver: I own my own landscaping business, but I do not understand how that affects this traffic stop.

Officer: Sir, I’m going to ask that you step out the car.

Driver: Officer, can I ask what have I done that you are asking me to step out the car!?

Officer: It is clear to me that you are resisting to provide me with your citizenship paperwork because you are not here legally. You do not have your citizen paperwork, because you are not here legally, you’re a “landscaper” and look the way you do.

Driver: (complying with the officer and stepping out the car) Officer, I do not understand why I am being asked to step out the car, I was born in this country and have never been treated like this before. I resent your implications that I am here illegally.

Officer: Place your hands on the back your head and lock your fingers! Do you have any weapons, knives or guns, on you or any items in your pockets that would poke me?

The racial or ethnic background of the driver in this situation was purposely left out. This man could be Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, whatever; none of those give permission to assume or suggest that he or anyone is here illegally. The conversation can and definitely does go deeper than this, but it is to give you some perspective and to get us thinking.

This piece is apart of a writing challenge through the month of August, one word a day for the month. August 2nd the word was Stereotype. For more information check twitter and the web for #Augustwritingchallenge or click here 


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