Special Thanks - Rum Punch Drunk

As always I have to thank those who support Theory Republic, whether its letting me know that you read a post, commenting, giving me a shout out, or whatever. I have to from time to time put up a short piece to say thanks. This one goes to "Rum Punch Drunk". Your readership is why I continue to go strong with Theory Republic. But there is something extra that you bring, your opinions in your comments. It is graciously appreciated, when I started Theory Republic, I wanted to make sure that the pieces and post were thought provoking. Well your added insight, whatever it may be, is mission accomplished. So I wanted to take a minute, dedicate this to you, and say Thank You. 


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Thank you so much Theory Republic for mentioning me here. I am well chuffed. I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and look forward to your future articles.

I understand the amount of work that goes into writing articles, promoting a blog, getting readers to comment and follow etc... So whenever I can, I do my best to support blogs like yours, not just by reading (although not every post has to have a comment) but also by giving my views/opinions of the posts. I just love to interact.

You have provided me with very interesting reading material, and before blogging I was not someone who was widely read, so to speak. THANK YOU Theory for giving such interesting topics and for some of the great information you also provided ( I also learn from you).

Keep up the excellent work, you never know who is reading. :)

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