There is nothing but space between you, me, and the world

There's nothing but space between me and success.

There are times when we look at space as both a good and bad thing. But which is it, does space hurt and harm or support and help.

Piggying back off something else I read and can relate too. Moving back home after college, going back to a space that was yours but also losing some space that was also yours. What I'm talking about is going back home to a room that was yours, but losing space that you had gained while you were away. While away you grew, matured, and came into your own, but now that you are back home is your space though yours, compromised? Did that space helped?

In a relationship there's been some fussing, fighting, and arguments. I enjoy this relationship for the most part but I think we need a break, some space. In that relationship where you weren't around each other everyday, but things began to come to head. So you agree that space may be best for now or so you think. Do you get that space for a while, then turn around and are ready to get back in that relationship? Or do you have your space and see that you’re okay and fine without them? Did that space harmed?

Space is it good or bad, you figure it out!!


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