The Bible says, "They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their Strength."

But in life it sometimes becomes hard to see the light in this. Fear begins to cloud our vision and it becomes increasingly hard to see the change as it happens. To have faith long enough see or feel the renewal of our strength. Because of the lack of a physical being, connection or anything really tangible, it becomes easy to doubt. It becomes easy to listen and believe the stereotypes that seeing is believing.

Just how money doesn't always equal wealth, physical doesn't always equal connection. Peter walked on water and we walk on land and all must be by faith. As a college graduate still wondering what might be the next step, I have to wait for my renewal, having faith that it will come.

So I pray...

Lord the path has been paved, dusted, and gravel filled, I've fallen off course and at times drifted. There have been moments where I've felt weak and inadequate. Lost, blind, and empty, but Lord I ask that you simply RENEW!


Unknown said…
Dope and real. glad you was transparent fam. Keep it up

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