Obsession: Sorta like addiction?

Kind of like stalking!

Modern day we call it thirst.

See my obsession is you, ever since I was younger I never fully understood it but it was you. My momma said it; my daddy pushed it and all the while it remained all about you. I could use other names to describe you like; baby-girl, honey dip, oh the real love of my life. You've been there through it all, always having been my crutch. Through the other break ups I had you, friends driving me crazy I had you, through the trials and tribulations you were there I had you.

So how do I ever repay you back? By always being loyal to you? Imma get my money right, not from you but because of you. You've helped me explain my thoughts better, express my love clearer, giving me a chance when others didn't.

So I declare that you, WRITING, are my obsession and I'm damn proud of it.


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