My Message to the American Electorate of 2012

This message is to the American Electorate of 2012.

This will offend some, this will motivate others, and then there will be those who are informed.

There are many out there on the left and right (liberals and conservatives) who wish to classify this as the most important election in American history. This honestly will only be something we know after it’s all over and not for many years from now. So my first message in this message is don't be fooled by the hype!

The Dems (the left) will say that the GOP (the right) is trying to end life and all freedoms as we know it. From abortions to healthcare to illegal immigration. The GOP as conservative as they are, do carry a hard line on many of these issues, but are they so wrong, that's what they believe in. They do say no to abortions and illegal immigrants and less government in healthcare, but would we be SCREWED?

The GOP, will classify the Dems as not having done enough to build America. On the economy, to guns, to our perception around the world. Would we like the economy to be doing better yes, have they tried hard, yes. And yes they would like to see stricter gun laws in place, are they taking them away, no. And our perception isn't going to change overnight or with one or two administrations. Is the United States worse off than we were four years ago?

So I'm not telling you what to think, I'm asking that you look at the facts. How will Obama be better? Are we truly screwed with Romney as President? Who is more responsible for what? Who is responsible at all? What are the issues? What are their positions? Who do we feel is most qualified? Theses are the questions we must answer, not whether this is the most important election in U.S. history.

So let me try and give you just a little perspective. President Obama in the 3 1/2 years has gone for the big ideas on many things. Been block by some members in his own party and by some from the other. But he has put his best foot forward. Romney was a successful businessman, if he were President it would most likely lead to the latter of his term being featured with economic growth, but ask yourself at what cost.

In economics we learn about cost and trade-offs, what would they be under President Obama and Mitt Romney? Know the answers before casting your ballot. I once learned in Political Science, that over 90 percent of the electorate is ignorant to the reasons and happenings of government. From the issues, domestic and foreign, to the backgrounds and intentions of those elected. Leaving a small few to decide for the masses, an ignorant mass at that. Don't feed into or be apart of the 90%. Be above it all, know about it all, be apart of it all.

My message to the American Electorate of 2012.


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
I'm not American but one thing I've always said in my life, is that if you have the opportunity to vote in your country then use that vote with knowledge. Don't follow the crowd, and do your utmost best to find out as many facts as you can about the party you want to vote for.
If you choose not to vote, then don't complain about who wins the election. After all, you left the choice to others to make.
Brilliant Post.

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