Give, your all in everything that you do. Understand that the moment you don't is the moment you can miss out on your blessing. Understand that this is the one life you're given, put it to proper use.

Respect, the natural and humanistic flow of things. There is balance and imbalance, it's not really up to you to decide which is which or how to correct the imbalance or maintain the balance. Our job is to navigate through each and respect the moment in which they happen.

Energy, know yourself, know that your body can be find that needed energy in the last seconds of the fourth quarter. Live each moment of the balance and imbalance as if it were the last seconds of the fourth quarter.

Effort, what you put in is what you will get out. Giving, respecting, and understanding the energy allows for the effort to be lasting. Leave it all on the court of life.

Nature, we have control and then we don't. Live with what nature gives you embrace its soft gentle touch. Be prepared for the wrath and storm it brings. Be grateful for the sun, its shine, and its good days. Be even more grateful for the rain, the clouds, and bad days. Appreciation of the bad days will give you appreciation of the good days. It's simply how nature decides to work


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