Does fear hold us back or push us forward. I read through many of the other post today that related to the theme of fear and they posed much of the same things. A fearful moment or what fear does for them or what it doesn’t. Fundamentally though, are we fearful and do not know it? Subconsciously are we capable of much more and do not know it? On the surface are we able and just do not try? I recently wrote a piece, asking, “what are we scared of” so I would like to ask you the same.

The human mind and body are two of the most resilient organs that God has created. From the moment of the slightest injury the human body begins to repair itself and the same goes for the mind. But you ever ask yourself if this is the case what are scared of? Why are we scared to take risk?
Follow me a little, I once wrote a poem about adaptation and I concluded with that adapting is not changing to someone or something else is becoming who you truly are.
That’s what we are scared of seeing, our full potential. Putting forward our best efforts and living with what that outcome may be. So we play it safe, not fully going after what or who it is we are truly capable of doing or being. Don’t be scared of the love inside, or the go-getter pride, don't be scared to make the natural mistakes you will make along the way. Don't be a scared to fall down and try again. Don't be scared to take and accept the help along the way. Be daring or don’t be daring, but, DON’T BE SCARED!


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