Funny thing about this is I'm not sure if not being envious as a child is taught to you. I'm far from an envious person and it was never taught to be not to be. I guess that lesson is given to you through having confidence in yourself. Cause as I truly think about it my parents never said anything to Jarrell about not being envious, they did say don't want what others have and I guess you could equate the two.

But listen its simple like this, best way to teach not to be envious is to teach pride and confidence, while opening up your child to new things. You may not be able to take them everywhere or show them everything. But pride, confidence, and exposure will go a lot further, teach them to have pride in what they do have, confidence in who they are, and exposure to open their minds. And counters when someone claims they are envious.

Girls: oh you wish you had a Louis bag (even though it's probably fake), but I've been to where they were originally founded.

Boys: I bet you wish you was nice like me in ball (they won't make it out the hood), but I just went to a NBA game Saturday.

Get it, Got it, Good!


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