August Was the Day

August is the summer and the summer is August. Remember as a child before you really cared about the days of the week. Yea the time in life you seized each day. Regardless if it were you last or not. August wasn't just the month before you went back to school. Nor did it signify that your summer was over or that once August was over all hot and warm days were done with it.

August was the day, yea the day, why because each day felt like a month. August was the day you ran, rode, and traveled far even if it were to camp, the park, or the backyard. August was the day you would re-up on as much lemonade or ice tea as you could before mom said no more before bed. August was the day of icee and sunflower seeds, y'all remember when they were just 10 cents a pack and just 1 flavor. August was the day of quarter water and red juice (actually my favorite one). August was the day of sunny weather crushes. Nights of sitting in front the building on the stoop or on the hood of the car. (I know y'all remember this)

Y'all remember when August was those days.


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