Moment of Gratitude

Sometimes in life we go through things and we as individuals are able and capable of pulling through it alone. Then there are those times where that individual must lean on the shoulders of those around them for support. On the shoulders of those ones who stuck around during the tough time. You lean on them for their support, prayers, and uplifting. Over the past year and a half I have had my own personal struggle, a trial and tribulation. Honestly what I would describe as the most stressful and difficult point in my life. That moment now has come to an end and I feel it's only right to thank you once more.

During that time there were moments where I had to lean on your words, characterization of me, and prayers for support and encouragement. And you maybe wondering how exactly you might have been supportive, the simple fact that in a moment of chaos, confusion, and one when others might have simply turn their backs and said I knew it, you didn't. You remained close, in contact, and supported. For each of the words, letters, and moments of support I received I say Thank you. They are still and will forever be deeply appreciated. So I say thank you again and want you to know that the support was and will not be in vain.

- A Thank you from Jarrell

"Nothing about my life been easy, but nothing's gonna keep me down, Cause I know a lot more today than I knew yesterday, So I ready to Carry On" - Mary J. Blige


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
Theory Republic, look at what means we have to go through to get a rough diamond out of the ground. Look at what troubles we go through getting a pig to dig the earth in order to find a truffle, one of the most expensive mushrooms. The years it took for people to dig for gold, a precious commodity, even finding good healthy natural water don't always come easy, so my humble advice is, you are someone in the making, struggles, trials and tribulations will come your way, but for a reason. You'll find out in run long run. Continue the good work you have started. :)

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