You tell me, from the heart what if I was a or the boyfriend. Let me know how do I become one, is there a test that I must take, a quiz I must pass. Is there a tutorial or a guide on how I become a boyfriend of yours? I could be tricky and play with the words, but it’s clear as day I'm jus asking how do I become a boyfriend. What secrets would you share if I was the boyfriend, or what moments of laughter would we have together if I was a boyfriend. If I was the boyfriend would we go out on a date, to dinner and a movie at the end seal it with a kiss. Or if I was a boyfriend would you come and spend the day chillen and relaxing. I'm wondering what are the things you see in me that would make me the boyfriend and not just a boyfriend. So do tell me where I can stand asking questions tryin to be put into a place where I'm more than just a boyfriend but I'm the boyfriend. I wanna be the one you share the long late night kiss with. 
The one that your head lay next to, the keeper of secrets, the teller of stories, the kissers of lips, the toucher of your body, the thought of your mind, the sexer of your orgasm. I wanna be the boyfriend and not just a boyfriend. The stimulation of thought that goes beyond your wildest dream, stretches further than your imagination. Let me touch, hold, sensationalize, your mind, body and soul. I'm trying to be him, no not him a boyfriend, I'm trying to be him, yes him the Boyfriend. 


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