Understanding Barack

President Barack Hussein Obama
A lot of people, especially African Americans misunderstand President Obama. 

1. Because he's black or African American 

2. Because they do not understand who he is
The man is truly a living example of the American Dream. Raised by a single white mother and the child of an African immigrant. In a time Where interracial dating and marriage was truly a sin on both sides, and having a child and him be biracial was an abomination. For him to have come from where he has, not necessarily struggle like others, but struggle enough. To be the First African American President of Harvard's Law Review, becoming an organizer, professor, lawyer, state and federal senator along the way to becoming the United States' First African American President. You have to understand he's not only carrying the weight of the nation on his shoulders; but the dreams and aspirations of every child of a single parent, every child of an immigrant, the person suffering from an identity complex, every black child wishing they could be President some day. He's carrying the weight of the just recently been accepted biracial child. 

Of course he's bound to make mistakes but lets look at the whole picture. Cause I'll tell you this much historians will classify him as one of the greatest Presidents this nation will have ever had, even with all the stalemates of Congress and the economic plight. You can argue or debate the words if you wish, but under his leadership, he diverted this nations from facing another depression. Though we are not fully back on the right track, as a Political Economist, I know that the circumstances could be worse. I don't necessarily agree with all of his policies, but when I casted my vote back in 2008, I did so with an understanding of the challenges we were facing and the ones to come. I did so with an understanding of the platform each candidate was proposing. I did so with an understanding of those candidates and their platform. With all this understanding then and even better now, I still fully believe that he has the best vision for this nation. What we as a nation, as a people have to do is fully support his vision, regardless of party or party affiliation, annual income, age, sex, etc.

The problem with this country now as oppose to back then, was no matter who was in the chair, who was in the Oval Office; the country, the people, the politicians fell in line. Yes, they still fought for their policies and wanted what they wanted. But at the end of the day, they put country first. He has put country first time and time again. I encourage and implore you to try to fully comprehend the issues and possible solutions, then try to understand and find out who this man is before you cast your vote. 

But I doubt you will,  y'all don't hear me tho


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