Religious Disgust

With continued disgust of “religious” Americans I put this piece together. This issue goes back all the way to 2008 and possibly even farther.

Barack Hussein Obama, is now and will be a CHRISTIAN, but what if he were a Muslim? What would be so wrong with that, an African American Muslim President. Scores and scores of Christians in this country preach and tout themselves as bible-toting, living by the word of God, all loving Christians.

But I continued to hear nothing but hate preached and practiced, so it baffles me, how are you a bible-toting, living by the word of God, all loving Christian? If the President was Muslim, does that lessen his understanding of the law or shorten his vision of America’s future? I would without any hesitation say that no it does not. What is the President were gay, is he less likely to way both sides of the debate ad solely support gay rights issues, better yet. Because he’s black all his policies and agenda items will be only for African Americans. Ensuring that while he’s in office black go to school for free, lessen their dependency on social welfare, and become extremely rich. Again without any hesitation or reservation I would have to say No. He isn’t any less likely too and hasn’t sculpted an agenda solely for Muslim, Gays, or African Americans; if so I haven’t seen it and I’m African American.

So this all brings me back to this questions to those Christians; who claim to be bible-toting, living by the word of God, all loving Christians, what would be so wrong with a Muslim African American President? I’ll wait for you to formulate some sort of response, that is based in truth, logical, and its realistic. But in the meantime I will say this.

To all Christians and this includes myself, in the current modern society that we line in there is no way with any rational thought. That you can continue to preach the word of God, while spewing hate and casting damnation upon you brother or sister in Christ. If you are a true believer in God, we were all made in his light, which means regardless of sex, race, creed, or religious affiliation we should respect, accept, and love our brother, sister, and neighbor.

Leave the judging and casting to the man at the gate. Because that way I see it, there is only one God. We have many different names and ways of praising him, but one God.
I ask this last and final question, are you planning on taking the hate and disdain with you into the gates of heaven?


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